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Street Event Application Guide (Formerly, Block Party App.)

Avoid the Rush. Don't Wait. Submit Early.

Early submission of applications enables the Streets Department to quickly process forms and to notify SEPTA, Fire and Police Departments of all block party street closures in their districts. The Streets Department has made it easier for residents to schedule their block parties by making the application available online! To apply online, visit:

One application may contain multiple event dates. One check or money order for all dates is acceptable. (Note: When submitting multiple dates on one application, ensure that the appropriate fee is included.)

Street events will only be approved for five (5) dates a year, per block.

If the street being closed for an event is the only entrance/exit to another street (a "T" street), a petition to close that "T" street is also required.

Religious Events

Submit a completed Street Event Application to the Streets Department for a non-block party event.

Special Events

For events planned on main streets in business corridors, contact the Managing Director's Office: 215-686-3488

Arterial Streets

Block party permits are intended for residential streets, where a street closing can be made safely without police provided traffic control or significant impacts on those who rely on SEPTA to get work and home. Arterial streets cannot be closed for street events. These are streets with multiple bus routes, trolley routes and trackless trolley routes.  Arterial streets are typically two way streets that carry 800 or more cars an hour and serve as the go-to streets for first responders racing to emergencies or hospitals. Closing of arterial/high volume roads causes difficulty for the motoring public and could affect  our emergency responders when called upon. These roads carry volumes up to 800 vehicles an hour. Pushing this amount of traffic into smaller residential streets, which are not designed for these volumes, can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for these blocks.

Approved Holidays for Block Parties

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

An Important Reminder

Block parties are great fun and an excellent way to promote community spirit. In planning your block party, remember to make provisions to recycle all of the materials normally collected by the City. When it's time to clean up, remind the participants and organizers to set aside recyclables and properly bag trash until their regularly scheduled recycling/trash collection day.

If the trash and recyclables are not properly secured and stored until the regularly scheduled collection day, a violation can be issued to the applicant of the block party.