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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.
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Employee Profiles

David J. Perri P.E.

Former Commissioner

Employed by the City of Philadelphia since 1981, with the Water Department, L+I, and STREETS. Began as Construction Engineer.

"Philadelphia is over 300 years old, with aging infrastructure that has many challenges to maintain. This provides a fantastic opportunity for our employees. There are a multitude of experience and growth opportunities here at STREETS, which should be a priority for all young people entering the workforce…to gather credentials, build experience, and achieve career growth. You can do that here at STREETS, all while contributing to the City’s growth.

Personally, what appeals to me about working at the Streets Department is its long and storied history of great public works projects. Our department has roots in the foundation of this City dating way back to the 1690’s with the creation of the first City Plan. Being able to contribute to that public works legacy today is very gratifying."



Keith Warren

Deputy Streets Commissioner

Employed with STREETS since 1996. Began as a Laborer in the Highways division.

"It takes a certain kind of person to do what we do. It takes hard work. This is physical, demanding work that requires dedication and persistence. I grew up in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood, from a nuclear family, with six siblings. I understand the challenges that face so many Philadelphians. That is why I relish the opportunity to help others face similar circumstances starting out here at STREETS. 

Helping others overcome challenging circumstances to achieve career stability and growth here at STREETS is truly what motivates me. It really keeps me going.

What we do matters. Quality of life is larger than just collecting trash. Interacting with my team, giving back to the City and the neighborhoods I grew up in, helping to keep communities clean and green – ALL give me great joy.”


Sherell Maxwell

Senior Departmental Human Resources Associate

Employed by the City of Philadelphia for 25 years and with STREETS since 2010. Began as a Clerk Typist with the Philadelphia Police Department.

"I really enjoy the collaborative nature of my work. We talk things through to come up with creative solutions, meet to ensure the right approaches are taken, and then make group decisions to make sure the most advantageous outcomes are reached…all to put our workforce in the best possible positions to succeed.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is when someone thanks me for helping to positively impact their life. Being stopped on the street by a co-worker for a handshake or hug is priceless. At Streets, we have a very large and diverse workforce, with a variety of positions. It is truly uplifting to know you are doing your best to help them all."


Nan Kyaw

Engineering Technician 1

Employed with STREETS since 2011.

"STREETS is a great place to work because there is lot of growth and experience potential, along with stability and competitive job benefits. They provide a great opportunity for people from overseas to come, work and contribute to the City in which they live."


Clovies Johnson

Heavy Equipment Operator 2

Employed with STREETS for 14 years. Has progressed through a multitude of positions starting with Crew Chief.

"The culture of STREETS is very friendly. There is open communication at all levels, which is key to our success. Everyone is invested in doing a great job through teamwork and personal responsibility. What I like most about my current position is that there is a new challenge every day. Learning all the different types of equipment and transporting it on time to wherever it is needed can be demanding. That diversity of experience keeps me motivated and fresh."


Kristin Del Rossi

Acting Chief Traffic Engineer

Employed with STREETS since 2003. Worked previously as a District Traffic Engineer and Construction Engineer.

"Overseeing the coordination of a project from start to finish is very fulfilling. Working from various field offices, collaborating with top notch design consultant and construction partners, and gaining input from internal project stakeholders turns everyday into a new learning experience. We do it all - from project kick off to bidding, award to construction, and project completion to close out, in order to ensure effective and efficient project outcomes.

Our projects are conceived to address the needs of all modes of transportation including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit. Improving the transportation infrastructure of this City one project at a time, with the safety of all in mind, is a challenging and worthwhile endeavor.

I feel a sense of accomplishment when citizens notice our work and are excited about the improvements. We do everything from signal improvements, roadway and pedestrian lighting, curb realignment, ADA ramps and pavement markings. Seeing all that come together to improve the overall safety and mobility of the City is gratifying."


Patrick Callahan

Civil Engineer 2

Employed with STREETS since 2012.

"As an entry-level engineer right out of school, working for the streets department provided a unique opportunity to work as both a designer and reviewer.  The department offers the opportunity to be exposed to virtually all aspects of transportation design and construction, from structural rehabilitation to innovative traffic signal upgrades. Recently established annual transportation grants mean the department will continue to be flushed with work for years to come - combining stable employment with meaningful, fulfilling work, and the opportunity to learn and grow within the engineering profession."


Melissa Barefield

Laborer, Sanitation Division

Employed with STREETS since 2012.

"My partner and my crew are awesome, because we can talk about anything, joke around, look for ways to work smarter and improve. It really makes the day go by fast when you work with people you like.

The best part of my job is the hours that allow me to be there for my son, who is my world. Starting early and ending my work day by 3pm allows me to be there for him."


Pablo Mendoza

Waste Collection District Supervisor

Employed with STREETS since 1993. Started as a Sanitation Laborer, and became a Supervisor in 2008.

"I have enjoyed my job with the Sanitation Division since day one.  It gave me the opportunity to begin to establish myself.  Over the years I have been privileged enough to take several promotions to end up where I am today. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to interact with my employees.  Being able to guide and motivate them and then to see the end result gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  Working on a truck can be a thankless job, so it is important to always acknowledge when a good job is done - and an even better feeling is when the acknowledgement comes from the public."