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What Are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are SAFE, COMFORTABLE, and CONVENIENT. Philadelphia has nearly 2,600 miles of streets, and every day Philadelphians use them to walk, drive, bike, or ride transit. Some streets were first built in the 1600's and others laid down in the 1950's. Our streets come in a diversity of widths and serve a variety of different purposes. No matter when the pavement was first laid down, it is our responsibility to ensure that our streets serve the needs of all Philadelphians today and in the future. In 2009, former mayor Michael Nutter issued an executive order, ensuring that the City's streets would accommodate "all users of the transportation system, be they pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users, or motor vehicle drivers." In doing so he made a promise that all of the City's streets would be designed, built, and maintained as "Complete Streets."

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