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Street Closure Permits

All applications for a street closure permit must be submitted online at least ten (10) business days or received by mail or fax at least twenty (20) business days in advance of the start date. The unit will review closure areas requested by the applicants and determine fees based on schedule and approvals. A payment invoice can be faxed or emailed to the applicant. Methods of payment include, check, money order and Epay. The permit can be faxed or emailed to the applicant once payment is received by the department. Checks and money orders will be accepted. Effective October 11, 2018 there were fee increases for certain types of streets closure permits.

Chart listing new Permit Fees

The unit may determine if police assistance and/or an inspection is required at the site. Some work performed in Center City may need to occur during nights and weekends. If police or inspection is required, additional costs apply.


Streets Department
Right of Way Unit



No later than 3 business days (72 hours) prior to your need. Requests made later than 3 business days will not be processed. 

Permit Fee

There is a permit fee of $25.00 per 40 feet of space (40 feet equals two parking spaces).


Street Closure for Equipment Placement

This application is used to identify the location of all equipment (Examples: Roll-off Dumpsters, scaffolding, shelter platforms, etc.) and supplies that will be used at the site in order to determine if additional lanes and/or the footway must be closed. A blank plan is provided on the application for indicating both the work site and the staging area for the work being performed.

Street Closure for Utility Work

This application is used for any type of utility, telecommunication, and/or plumbing work that would involve excavation and pull-through activities. For a large project that will include closure of five or more blocks, a plan of the proposed work must accompany the application for each block, and must show the sequence of construction by location and date.

Street Closure for Crane Placement

This application is required from any individuals who plan to place a crane on the public right-of-way; or

Street Closure for Helicopter Lift

This application is required from any individual requesting low altitude helicopter flight(s) requiring streets and/or sidewalks below to be closed. Examples include installation of HVAC units atop a high-rise, film shoots, etc. 

Requests for Moving trucks

Requests for Moving trucks can be submitted via web