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Clean Block Officers

What Do Clean Block Officers Do for You?

PMBC Clean Block Officers act as liaisons between residents and City government to provide departmental resource materials, information, and services relating to block cleanliness and beautification. When you’ve got a question or problem that needs solving, turn to your Clean Block Officer first.

PMBC Clean Block Officers provide:

  • Block Captain I.D. cards and PMBC Block Captain Guidelines.
  • Sanitation Rules and Regulations.
  • Clean-up materials such as trash bags, street brooms, etc.
  • Organizational assistance.
  • Attendance at block meetings to discuss community or block projects.
  • Saturday Clean-up Schedule, including special collection by the Streets Department.
  • Clean Block Awards and prize information.
  • Related program info (Sanitation Convenience Centers, yard waste and fall leaf recycling, household hazardous waste events, etc.).                 

Meet the hardworking and dedicated Clean Block Officers working tirelessly to make Philadelphia a cleaner, safer City for all.

John Landers


Clean Block Officer since 2013
1st and 3rd Districts

Raised in Kensington, John Landers learned at an early age about the importance of community pride. “Every Saturday afternoon growing up, we were out on the front steps sweeping up and tidying up our block,” John says. “That’s just what we did – everyone was out there – we always had a sense of block unity.” Now John is bringing that close-knit mentality to PMBC, where he represents over 500 Block Captains from the 1st and 3rd Districts. John lets them know they can be comfortable coming to him for anything – questions, concerns, or requests for supplies. John takes great pride in listening to his community members and getting everyone to buy into the idea that a clean and beautiful community translates into a warm and safe one, too.

"It’s important for us to change the mindset. To build excitement, get people to buy into that can-do spirit, and ultimately make a huge difference."

Michael Hoffman


New Clean Block Officer
2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 15th Districts

Growing up in Manayunk, Michael knows how great it is to live on a clean and safe block. A place you are proud to call home. Michael worked for the City of Philadelphia Streets Department in Sanitation for five years before joining the PMBC family. Throughout that time he saw first-hand how the neighborhoods changed; losing their charm. Even though Michael is fairly new at PMBC, he continues to strive to bring unity and pride back to the streets of Philadelphia.

"There may be an ‘I’ in Michael, but ‘I’ am not selfish. I plan to be a team player with my Block Captains and the community."

Robyn Matthews


Clean Block Officer since 2013
19th and 39th Districts

Robyn Matthews is a self-proclaimed “people person,” which probably explains why the 19th and 39th Districts have developed such a strong sense of unity since she joined the PMBC team back in 2013. “I love helping out in any way that I can,” says Robyn. “The most rewarding part is the unity. Blocks working together. Even if a block doesn’t have a Block Captain, the rest of the neighborhood helps out in any way that they can.” Robyn uses her kind nature and welcoming personality to build relationships with everyone in the community – from older leaders who know the neighborhood inside and out, to the next generation of do-gooders who will soon carry the torch. One of these volunteers – who Robyn knows quite well – is her 14-year-old daughter, a dedicated Junior Block Captain.

"The more people get involved, the more work that gets done, the more likely people are to join the movement. These are close-knit communities who take pride in their neighborhood. They make me so proud."

Darryl Thompson


Clean Block Officer since 2013
14th District

His job title reads “Clean Block Officer,” but Darryl prefers to think of himself as the Ultimate Connector, linking up residents from the 14th District with the resources, agencies and services they need to make their community beautiful. Darryl takes pride in the fact that he’s a man who can get things done. “I love what I do,” says Darryl. “I love the 14th District, love the Northwest community, and feel like I’m in a position where I can really make a difference.” Making a difference is an understatement. In the past year, Darryl has led a resurgence among the 14th District’s residents, holding town hall meetings, motivating volunteers, and restoring pride in the community. People have responded in droves, joining together and getting down to work to keep their neighborhood clean and safe.

"The people of Northwest Philly have no problem rolling up their sleeves. There’s so much pride and passion here. When people care about a community, anything can be done."

Joe Miranda

Joe Miranda


Clean Block Officer since 2005
18th District

Joe has seen first hand the kind of difference a clean block can make in the daily lives of Philadelphia residents. For 19 years, he served in trash collection for the Streets Department and saw the impact that better communication and the right resources could have in improving the quality of life in communities and the people that live in them. Today, Joe is working with PMBC to continue making our neighborhoods and blocks clean and safe by connecting residents to the tools and resources they need to keep their blocks more beautiful.

"Our Block Captains are the ones who keep me going. They are incredible at what they do and they are the ones who are truly making Philly more beautiful."

Yvonne Garner


Clean Block Officer since 2013
22nd District

Together, Yvonne Garner and her North Philadelphia Block Captains are changing the mindset of the 22nd District. Their passion and energy has brought a surge of pride back into the community, and now more and more neighbors are joining together to help create and maintain clean, safe and beautiful blocks. “To my Block Captains, to my volunteers, this is home,” says Yvonne. “Many of them are older and have raised children and grandchildren in this area. It’s important for them to keep our momentum going.” All throughout her district, Yvonne and her volunteers are bridging the generational gap, and inspiring the next wave of PMBC volunteers to step forward. By providing the necessary guidance, information, tools and support, she is encouraging people of all ages to step up, and get involved.

"Keeping the line of communication open between PMBC, the older generations and the youth is so important. The energy the young people bring is incredible. Together, we can bring a renewed respect for keeping this City beautiful."

Sandy Miranda


Clean Block Officer since 1988
25th District

Thirty-two years. That's how long Sandy has been an employee of the City of Philadelphia…and for the past 25 of those years she has been a Clean Block Officer with PMBC. And, as you might imagine, during that time she has seen a lot of positive changes take place on the blocks and in the neighborhoods of the districts she serves. Sandy strives every day to help the citizens of Philadelphia create and maintain clean, safe and beautiful blocks by providing them with the necessary guidance, information, tools and other resources. But, perhaps most importantly, Sandy gives them her encouragement, motivation and support because she knows that those are the key things she can provide as a Clean Block Officer to help each neighborhood and each community be the very best they can be.

"I love people and working with people…especially young people, which is why Jr. Block Captains are so important. They are our future and it's our job to set an example that they can follow."


Jessica Perez


Clean Block Officer since 2016
17th District

My name is Jessica L. Perez and I am new to the Streets Department. I am a Clean Block Officer for the 17th District.

"I have a background in Homeless Services and I am a true believer of treating people with dignity and respect. I also believe a community is knowing one another with a sense of caring."


Diana Oliveras


Clean Block Officer since 2016
24th and 35th District 

It is my goal as a representative of the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee to encourage and support my new found family of the 24th and 35th Districts towards making things happen on their block. 

"Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."


Cassandra Rosario


Clean Block Officer since 2017
12th District 

My name is Cassandra Rosario, I have been with the Streets Department since 2011. Throughout my time of employment I've been able to gain knowledge of the Sanitation Laws and Regulations and learn many things concerning the Sanitation Division. As a new member to the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee I am still learning what it takes to lead a district. In the meantime, I am extremely eager to get to know and grow a bond with Block Captains in the 12th Police District.

"I love my 12th District Block Captains.  I am giving them my all and the overwhelming amount of participation and collaboration is the thanks I get."


Yolonda Tolbert


Clean Block Officer since 2017
6th, 9th, and 16th District 

New to the scene. I am eager to get to know the block captains in my districts. I'm ready to bridge the gap between the residents and the city. I want to work hand in hand with block captains and be a listening ear if problems arise.

"I believe with some work we can continue to show and take pride where we live and bring one another together in the community."