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Green Schools Program

2015-2016 Project Descriptions and Results

Quick Facts:

  • Last year, $31,711.84 will be awarded to a record 16 Philadelphia Schools.
  • All Philadelphia schools met their fundraising goals!
  • This is the fifth year of the Green Schools program (2010-2011 was the first year). 

Project Descriptions: 

Belmont Charter School 

Our Green Project will help maintain, develop, and expand Belmont’s garden. The Green Project will fund the hiring of staff to maintain our garden, professional development for our teachers to further integrate the garden into the classroom, and an outdoor classroom for continued student learning.

C.W. Henry School

C.W. Henry students will learn about organic gardening through hands-on experiences planting, harvesting and maintaining the school garden. They will help to make the area near the vegetable garden more pollinator friendly by planting flowering perennials and an herb garden. Raised bed frames will be repaired for improved safety in the garden.

Central High School

Central plans to create and utilize a solar-powered water catchment and pump system to sustain patio plantings established during past Recyclebank grants. Our goal is to diversify our wildlife habitat, create seed plantings for green roofs, grow food, and improve aesthetics of the campus to create productive and relaxing spaces for students.

Cook Wissahickon Elementary School

Our project will consist of the construction of two raised flower beds in our school yard for vegetables. Students will assist in the building of the flower beds & the planting of the seeds. They will care for the growth of the vegetables.

E.M. Stanton School

We want to bring a weather station and hands on learning to our new green school yard.  Students would build and install the station and sensors in our community garden area. Students would also begin the training and practice to help them monitor and maintain the garden area.

G.W. Childs School

Install rainwater devices to collect rain water into barrels that can be used for watering.

G.W. Carver High School of Engineering and Science

To create an environmentally sustainable culture within our school. We intend to educate our members to become advocates for the green cause. By incorporating more and more sustainable services at our school we hope to inspire our students to take action in their communities by improving our greenhouse and recycling signage.

Inquiry Charter School

Our goal is to bring nature to our students by purchasing and planting 2 raised beds that will reside permanently within the school yard.  Students will participate in the selection and planting of the plants.  Students will also be the primary caretakers of the garden.  Our hope is by placing this garden into the play space we will increase the amount of time students interact with plants and thus increase their knowledge and curiosity of the natural world.

Jubilee School

The 5th and 6th grade have been learning the value of no-littering and recycling as an adjunct to their vegetable gardening project.  Having introduced the project to the other students through an assembly, they are now in the process of recycling throughout the building and the grounds are clear of littering. The school is collaborating with the nearby Workshop School to have them help repair several areas of the school property. We will recruit parents, teachers and friends to recycle and dedicate their points to Jubilee.

McCall School

This project is designed to create a living space where students can learn and play.  The funds from this year’s donations will be used to plant and expand the school gardens and outdoor classrooms and improve our senses and exploratory garden specifically geared for our younger students.

Northeast High School

The Alumni Garden is hallowed ground. In the center, there are bricks that have past graduates names and the military units they served in. These students died in World War II.  I believe that installing raised garden beds, attracting birds, & having a weather station will enhance this special green space.

Philadelphia Academy Charter High School

Money donated to PACHS will be used to create a recycling center in the cafeteria in order to make it easier and more user friendly for students to recycle. Money will also be used to build two composting worm boxes in our woodshop. Any money left over will be utilized to improve the irrigation systems in classroom greenhouse planters.

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy plans to install 10 new 50-gallon rain barrels throughout the campus.

The School District of Philadelphia

The Recycling Roadshow will consist of a portable table-top interactive Material Recycling Facility (MRF) display that folds up for storage and can fit into the trunk of a car.  The portable MRF will be constructed by students enrolled in the Career & Technology Education (CTE) Program using sustainable materials. The portable MRF will be available for schools to borrow for classroom demonstrations. Students that participate in the recycling road show project will have a better understanding of the waste sorting processes that take place in a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and how to respond to engaging and complex environmental issues, problems, and challenges through collaboration and project-based learning.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

In summer 2015 our school relocated to our new, permanent home, allowing us to build a garden and landscape our grounds to meet our needs, and let us create a recycling program. We want to take our work to the next level by building the foundations of a composting program.

Willard Elementary

In October 2015 our school applied for 5 trees through the Tree Tenders program to be planted along a walkway on the back of our building. The trees will provide shade as well as protection from the elements to parents and children entering the building from the back and walking to our kindergarten yard. The planting as well as the caring for the trees will provide opportunities for our students to learn about the life cycle of trees and other plans as well as help students to take ownership of our school. Parent involvement in the planting and caring of the trees will strengthen the ties between students, parents and our school.